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It is evident that Android handsets are very popular due to the launch by a number of mobile companies like Samsung, HTC and many more while the rival iPhone is strictly licensed and distributed by Apple.  To keep pace with the demands of the user, it is imperative to constantly amuse them by extending new Android apps which are creative and engaging. Periodic launch of new apps in the market assists in capturing the attention of the user which is a matter of major consideration in a highly competitive Android Apps market world today. Android apps Development Company provide the best sources for hire Android developer service which is the best in the industry. Now let us see the success sources of Android apps.

Reason for Success of Android Apps
Android’s open source strategy allowing third party to create dynamic applications and sell them on the Android market, now known as Google Play, is perhaps the basic reason for the overwhelming success of Android OS. Google provides all Android developers with an open source software development kit for the Android OS. Android app developers can create applications for Android and then test them on an Android simulator before loading them onto an actual Droid phone. Android developers love the fact that they can take advantage of every system resource on the Droid phone with the highest degree of efficiency possible. It is a layered environment built upon a foundation of the Linux kernel, and it includes rich functions which any Android app developer can easily use.

As users are going mobile trendy, the Android apps market is soaring, providing extensive opportunities to Android application development companies to constantly upgrade their Hire Android developer services as a strategy to re-connect with the existing user and reach out to the new ones. This is perhaps a very compelling reason why there is an increased demand to hire Android developer who has all real abilities to understand the minutest need of the users.

Various Categories of Android Apps Possible are
There are numerous categories of Android apps that can be developed that include games, social networking, utility, news, finance, business, entertainment and many more. But amongst all of them Google Android game development is most popular and will soon lead the android apps market.

Where do you find brainy Android app developers?
There are many tech savvy and highly experienced Android app developers available to hire in India as there are many Android app development companies deeply established with Android apps creation. You can hire Android developer from them and take the benefit of best Android apps.

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