The Various Advantages of Android Software Development

Android application development is growing like wildfire! Capturing nearly 60% of mobile apps development market, the Android platform proved its ubiquity. Considered as a secure, flexible and user friendly mobile app development platform, Android is famed for its virtuous apps development. There are various advantages of Android software development which makes it the most sought after mobile application development platform.

Advantages of Android platform are as follows:

Technically genius operating system: Android is a super smart operating system based on Linux kernel. Its architecture is robust making it a suitable operating system for mobile application development. It keeps on updating and by now there are ten versions of the Android OS, each one being an improvement on the prior version. With the base of Linux and Java, Android is a technically full proof operating system.

Open Source: Android is an open source platform which makes it free. There is no licensing fees associated with it. This is the reason why Android provides affordable mobile apps solutions. Moreover there is a large open source developer community which contributes to Android apps development.

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CDMA, UMTS, GSM/EDGE, EV-DO, WiMax, LTE, NFC etc are supported by Android. Using all these connectivity technologies, Android software developers create wireless applications.

Data storage: For data storage, Android uses SQLite which is a relatively lightweight database. SQLite is very efficient database which proves to be an excellent back end for Android applications.

Multiple language support and voice based features: The Android operating system supports multiple languages. This facility is accessible from Android 2.3 version (Gingerbread) and onwards. From 2.2 version onwards, it supports voice based features like calling, SMS and navigation. Voice based features are amusing and are highly used for hands free communication.

Media support: Android supports multiple media formats like WebM, MPEG-4, MP3, GIF, BMP, AAC, AMR, FLAC, WAV, BMP, MIDI etc for audio, video and still images. This smart phone OS supports high performing camera and audio, video features. These features are revered for their remarkable quality which makes Android high popular.

Hardware support: Android software update supports hardware including accelerometer, pressure censors, gyroscopes, magnetometers, touchscreens, cameras, accelerated 2d and 3D graphics and gaming controls. The hardware enhances the usability of Android devices making them more usable.

Availing all these advantages of the operating system, Android software developers create wide range of applications for diverse sectors. These apps are secure, have appealing UI, rich multimedia, exceptional networking facility etc. Thus, Android with its high end specifications proves to be a versatile operating system.

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