Reasons Behind The Hype For Android Game Creation

Android game creation has created a lot of hype owing to the craze of gaming on mobile devices. The technology stack of Android makes it absolutely viable for developing high end games in 2D and 3D mode. We would look at all the aspects for the high end use of Android games and what are the essentials to develop Android game.

Reasons for wide scale development of Android games:

  • There is a huge market of Android games catering diverse types of applications to its users. All these games can be developed by using the technology stack of Android which proves the versatility of Android platform.
  • Android SDK is technically strong plus has all the essentials required for developing creative and stunning games. This gives a great gaming experience to the users making Android a highly popular gaming platform. In addition Android games are not bounded in any territory.
  • The Android games are developed for wide variety of sectors which call for different types of games. The types of Android games fall into various categories like Action, Adventure, Racing, Sci-Fi, Arcade, Mind games (Chess) etc.
  • Demand for android devices is increasing by leaps and bounds. With more users opting for Android, more gaming apps are expected in the future. Plus Android games are secure and easy to market making it an ideal platform for earning money and fame.

How to become successful Android game developer?

To become an excellent game developer for Android one needs to master three aspects of game development which can be described as follows:

Character modeling for 2D and 3D games: Character creation in 2D and 3D is the foremost task for Android game development. These characters need to be created in accordance with the gaming concept. The characters need to be designed with features like facial expressions, exclusive costumes, signature style and a unique identity. They make the game alive, playful plus give a real life feeling to it. So, character modeling must be mastered to be a good Android game developer.

Game art: The feel of entire game can be elevated by creating appropriate background, environment, landscape features and terrain optimization. Thus you should be a good gaming artist to be able to develop Android games.

Game programming: You must be thorough with Android SDK, Objective C, framework APIs and J2ME to create games for Android. Being well versed with the android game development engine would add feather to your cap. Creating UI plus programming the movement of the game are the next steps.

Thus, all these aspects when mastered gives you an edge as an Android game developer!!

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