Major App Development Tools for Android Developers

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a wide range of development tools for developers who want to deliver faster and innovative apps to their clients. More number of programmers believe that mobile software development tools are quite expensive but the truth is android app development tools are not at all costly. There are numerous tools that android developers can find in Eclipse (an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android app development). Many of these tools are very much useful to Android developers and graphic artists.

Android programmers can also explore the SDK for finding tools for automation use, testing, protecting the app from piracy, etc. Most of the time during development process, Android app developers spend their time on Eclipse. They use it for designing, developing, debugging and preparing for distribution of an application.

Here in this article we have listed some of the important development tools that are used in Android app development. Find out how they can be useful for your android app development projects. It's really a great option to get these tools and start using them for creating impeccable and interesting apps for your clients.

Android Virtual Device Manager

Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager provides a graphical user interface that helps to create and manage Android Virtual Devices. This is a very powerful tool that removes the need of every single android device available to consumers. This tool offers the similar device-environment on a PC. Programmers can totally rely on AVDs to craft out different kind of devices available in the market. If android developers master this tool, they can debug and test apps easily. If you are an android developer then with the help of this tool you can adjust settings to simulate a specific device. You can also use it for tablets.

The Hierarchy View

Hierarchy view helps you to inspect the interface components of the app you are working on. Besides, it works even when the app is running. This tool will show the components in hierarchy so that debugging can remain untroublesome.

Android SDK Manager

Android SDK Manager is a tool that every programmer needs to know about. It is highly used to explore SDK updates, tool updates and new SDKs, along with maintaining all development tools and libraries up to date. With the help of this gizmo, you can also explore various third party versions, legacy versions, platform device drivers, etc.

Dalvik Debug Monitor Server

Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) is an excellent gizmo that includes a wide range of debugging tools. These tools range from Logcat logging output, to app memory monitoring, to screen capturing and file browsing in DDMS. The good side is that you can also use it for simulating phone calls, test messages, GPS location data, etc.

Draw 9-Patch

This tool allows you to easily draw a Nine-patch graphic using a WYSIWYG editor. Draw 9-Patch also shows stretched versions of the image and highlights the area in which content is allowed.

All these tools are really helpful to you if you are an android developer. If not, you can hire android developer who is proficient in these tools and can develop robust apps for your business.

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