Features That Support Development of Efficient Android Web Applications

Those who are in the field of mobile application development must try their hand on Android web development. Android is one of the most favorite mobile apps development platforms. It is popular as it is an open source, has strong SDK, APIs and supports third party apps as well. Its popularity can be gauged by millions of app downloads that occur every day.

Now when you want Android web development, the first question which needs to be answered is whether you want to make a native Android app or browser based web application. Native apps use the features of the device and are developed in Java programming language while web apps do not use device features and can be developed through HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Android web application development can be categorized into two parts. One is client side application and another is web browser apps. The first type of Android apps can be easily downloaded from the web and need to be installed on your Android device. The second type is the result of custom Android web development and is deployed directly on your device.

Today we would look at the details of second category of apps that is Android web development. Starting with, you must be very clear with the technical aspect of Android i.e. you must have mastery over Android SDK, framework APIs, J2ME and C programming. There are also some support features in Android which aids in the development process which are as follows:

  • The Viewport feature of Android allows the mobile application to automatically get re-sized in accordance with the screen size of the device. Implementing it relieves the developer from coding for the compatibility view problem.
  • Android extensively uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS for creating wide range of images and styles. Depending on the pixel density of the screen, these images can be created easily. This way you would not face any issues of screen support in Android web development.
  • Another very important feature of Android web development is that you can create apps that can be partially stored on the web and partially on the device. This way the client side application which has few pages embedded on the web is the result of mixing both methods and the outcome is a powerful web app.
  • Android OS has built in support for 2D and 3D graphics which can be leveraged for designing attractive user interfaces.

eing an open source Android is completely affordable and is thus very popular platform for web application development. Thus, if you want to be an Android developer, consider the points given in this article. I am sure they would prove to be a helping hand for you!

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