The Journey of Indie Developers in Custom Android Games Development

There are numerous independent Android developers in the market and have successfully developed many a games. Their journey of developing any game starts from concept to delivery and in between there is a lot of mental and technical processing required. Custom Android games are developed in this manner to facilitate the client with high end entertainment.

The independent developers first of all choose Android because it is a unique platform with powerful architectural features. The best part about Android is that it is open source and can be used with little licensing fees. Next thing which comes into picture is concept analysis of the custom Android games. The feasibility of the concept is analyzed first and then modules are made to develop the game.

The concept needs to be captivating and something that can be realized as well. It is the starting point of creative Android game development. It can be a head turner or a complete watershed. The idea should not only be smacking but also convertible. Features of the custom Android game are then finalized.

The developers then zero down on the technology part. The OS version which fits the development can be anything from starting Android 1.5 to 4.1. Though for games, Ice cream sandwich and ginger bread are the most availed Android versions. Android game programming is the next step. The whole project is divided into design and development modules.

The development phase includes hard core Android game programming which is like crossing one hurdle and going to the next. Overcoming all the pit falls and coming up with functional modules is the job of this step. Modular development results in fast development as independent teams or individuals can work on their own task and speedily get on with it.

Then after, integration of all the modules would result in the generation of final product. For this all the parts like feasibility study of concept, flawless Android game programming and integration of diverse modules need to be done with accuracy. This methodology completes the game development. Next thing is the testing phase.

Once development is done, it needs to be cross checked for precision. Unit and regression testing should be performed such that the game gets no hiccups while entering the Google Play. When launched on the Google Play, the pricing and launch of the custom Android game is set. Customers can check game and can order for it.

This way the journey of an independent Android game developer passes through many interesting phases and ends with earning lot of clients and money. So, if you want to dive in Android game development, this article might help you. All the best!

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