Android Twitter Application – a Must Have for Busy Tech Savvies

The techno savvies of today are leveraging the best of technology in the form of social media apps like Twitter apps. All those who have an Android device can avail social apps like Android Facebook, Android Twitter Application and the likes to send small updates to their online friends.

Very popular choices of celebrities, Android Twitter applications find the best use amongst these super busy people. In the form of small bursts, they convey their piece of mind to their followers. With this functionality, you can get to know what is happening in the life of your favorite celebs.

Android twitter features include Tweets, Retweet, share photos, real time search, Favorites, Follow, trends and more.  With your android mobile device, you can actually get all the latest updates from industry experts, friends or celebs as Twitter is functional and fashionable.

With Android and Twitter both have so much acclamation to their credit; it is obvious that Android Twitter development is pacing up at jet speed. Developers are creating unseen and fresh Twitter apps to make Twitter more user friendly.

Some of the Android Twitter apps to look forward to if you are an Android owner are:

Seesmic: With this you can access multiple Twitter accounts and it appears with a captivating interface as well. This is the best app sufficing the desktop version and gives you desktop like feeling on your android mobile.

TweetCaster: This is one of the finest examples of Android Twitter development as it has Facebook integrated with itself. Also you can actually hide the undesirable accounts without disabling them. In addition there are plenty of widgets that accompany TweetCaster.

Plume: This was called Touiteur in the past and now renamed as Plume. This Android Twitter app has all the Twitter functions and provides easy way to Tweet. Apart from that numerous home screen widgets are also supported by this Twitter app.

TweetDeck: Specifically designed for Android touch-screen, this particular app has catchy interface. It has all the information in the columnar pattern and Facebook integration giving dual advantage.

All these Android Twitter apps show exceptional Android Twitter features that facilitate the Android owner to easily access Twitter. These apps are very useful and can streamline usage of Twitter.

If you are neck deep soaked in busy schedule and don’t find a breather to communicate things to your friends, then with your Android phone, just download any of these Android Twitter apps and get connected!
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