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AADI is one of the top providers of Android Games Development services in India. Our team of professional Android game developer have been harnessing functionalities like multi-touch feature, GPS technology, Android beam, etc. to produce incredible products – using Unity, Cocos2D, Cocos2d-X game engines with JavaScript, Java, C#, C/C++ programming languages.

Primarily based on the Java programming language supported by robust Android OS, our expert Android game programmers create breathtaking Android games with superior features that include high quality audio/video/still media formats. Our feature-rich games with exceptional gameplay have been much appreciated and have garnered thousands of downloads at Google Play.

Our Android game development professionals have been using various proven techniques such as Eclipse & Android eclipse plugins, Java SE Development Kit (JDK) for signing & deploying the Android game application appropriately. Also, CPS, Compass and accelerometer, 3D graphics (based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications), media assistance for regular audio, video and still image formats, recycle and replacement of components that aid application framework, besides many others.

If you are looking for a complete solution for Android Game Development India, AADI can offer you high quality, low cost game development solution starting from mobile game strategy to game design to game development, testing and deployment. The entire process is supported by open API and development platform along with a comprehensive turnkey solutions for distribution of the applications.

AADI's Game Development for Android Process:

1. Requirement Gathering & Analysis

  • Discuss the game idea
  • Validate & refine the app idea
  • Create final requirement document

2. Android Game Design
  • Choose the apt game design style
  • Create initial draft for the game design
  • Finalizing game design

3. Android Game Development
  • Finalize game assets - objects, background, animations
  • Level Design & UI elements creation
  • Basic game play and arts
  • Coding of the basic game mechanics
  • Integration of all the elements

4. Deployment at Google Play
  • QA and Testing
  • Final Game Submission
  • Submission of Game into Google Play

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